There is only one true God. He has always existed and will live forever. He is the only perfect being and He is the Creator of the entire universe and everything in it. God exists in three parts, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, we call this the Trinity and while it can be hard for us to understand there is still only one true God. God cares about every human on a personal level and desires a relationship with all who desire to know Him.


Jesus is the Son of God and He is equal to God. While Jesus has always existed, He chose to come to Earth as a man, being born of a virgin, and dying on a cross to pay the price for all of mankind’s sins. Three days after His death, Jesus came back to life and shortly after that Jesus returned to heaven, where He is right now.


Sin is anything that goes against the will of God. When the earth had just began the first man and woman chose to disobey God, resulting in all future humans to have a sin nature from birth, that is to say we are all sinners. God, being perfect, can’t be around sin. The Bible is clear that the only way to pay for sin is with death. 

The Bible

The Bible is composed of 66 books which together paint the story of who God is, who humans are and how humans can know and love God. The Bible as the Word of God is our final authority and source for truth.


Salvation comes through Jesus alone. Since the price for sin is death, Jesus chose to become a sacrifice for all mankind, dying on the cross. At some point all humans will have the chance to know Jesus and chose to follow Him, claiming His death on the cross as our own.


The Bible teaches humans will exist forever in one of states. For those who have chosen to follow Jesus they will spend eternity with Him in heaven. Those who do not chose to follow Jesus will spend eternity apart from Him in hell.


Baptism: As an act of obedience towards the example of Jesus, Baptism is the “public announcement” that a person has made the choice to follow Jesus and become a Christian. In an attempt to closely follow Christs example, we practice baptism by full emersion.

The Lords Supper: As an act of remembrance the Lords Supper is an expression of worship where we regularly remember and proclaim Christs death. Only those who have chosen to follow Jesus should participate in the Lords Supper.


In the beginning God designed each of us to be uniquely male or female. Marriage is the lifelong commitment between one man and one woman to illustrate the love Christ has for the Church. The Bible teaches that marriage is intended to be the only avenue for sexual intimacy.   

Capital Baptist Church aligns with the Southern Baptist Convention, which has prepared a statement of generally held convictions called The Baptist Faith and Message. Listed above is only a brief summary. The full Baptist Faith and Message can be found online at www.sbc.net