We are so glad to have you visit our website and hope to see you on our campus soon!

When you arrive your first Sunday Morning consider if you would like to visit a Bible Study or Life Group that starts at 9:30am or just attend our Worship Service at 10:45am. Either way when you pull into our parking lot, park in front of our drop off canopy and make your way inside the large glass doors. There you will find our Welcome Center and a friendly face to guide you to a Group or the Worship Center. If you have Children or Youth of any age, we have a Group just for them and if you are attending just the Worship Service our nursery, should you want to use it, is ready to receive your kids when you arrive. Preschool- 5th graders are invited to stay with their parents during the music portion of our Worship Service, then are dismissed to an age appropriate lesson once our Pastor has started teaching. 


Here’s a map to our building to help make things easier for you!

Please note that all buildings on our campus are ADA accessible.


Frequently Asked Questions

what should i wear?

On any given Sunday you’ll see people wearing all types of things–from suits to golf shirts for men and skirts to jeans on the ladies. Most of our members dress on the casual side. We care much more about seeing you then seeing what you wear!


what about my kids?

Each Sunday our Nursery is open for Children under the age of preschool. If you plan to use our nursery, we suggest you try to arrive by 10:30am so we can be sure to have time to understand your child’s needs before Worship starts. If your child is between preschool and 5th grade most Sundays, we offer Children’s Worship during the second half of Worship. There will be an announcement when the kids can go to the back of the Worship Center and be guided to their Service. Of course-if you rather your kids are more than welcome to stay with you the whole time.


what are the worship services like?

Our Music is blended, carefully selected, mix of new songs and old. We spend time in prayer, and we celebrate various things God is doing in and through our Church. Our Pastoral team works hard each week to bring a message that is clear and relevant to our lives today. The foundation of all our messages is the Bible. We start worship at 10:45 and are always done no later than Noon.


i pulled into the parking lot…now what?

We invite you to take a parking spot near the covered drop off area. From there make your way to the large glass doors where once inside you will see our welcome center. From there we will be glad to guide you to a Sunday School class or our Worship Service.